Team Toba JDC West
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  • Must be a full-time student (9 credit hours or more in the fall semester)

***there are limited part-time student spots

  • Must be an Asper student or a Business minor

JDC West is a big commitment throughout the school year. Generally, individual teams hold weekly practices (~5 hours) where they simulate case presentations. On top of practices, team members are required to do a minimum of 6 hours of volunteer work from June – the end of the year and participate in team social events.

Because it’s the best place to learn applicable business skills, meet your newest best friends, and challenge yourself to go beyond what you thought you could accomplish. Plus – it is a lot of fun!.

Absolutely not! That’s what all the practicing is for! The only things you need are a great attitude and the willingness to work hard.

Team Toba is proud to compete in all disciplines at JDC West, including the Academic competition (accounting, Business Strategy, Business Technology, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources, International Business, Marketing, Not-for-Profit, and Operations Management), the Debate competition, the Athletics competition, and the Social competition.

Applications open April 11th @12pm and close May 16th.

Applicants successful in moving on to the next stage of recruitment will be contacted to schedule an interview.

More information will be provided soon.

No! If you are trying out as a sports/challenger you will not have to do the academic case. It will just be like a normal interview

There will be a lot of remote opportunities, and this can be discussed further in the interview process

Yes! You can tryout for as many things as you would like, but keep in mind we make the academic/debate teams first, and if you are chosen for one of those then you can not be on sports/challengers


(Debate team has been finalized)