Team Toba 2019

Team Toba 2019 competed at JDC West in Burnaby, British Columbia, hosted by the Beedie School of Business of Simon Fraser University. Team Toba 2019 placed 2nd in Business Technology, 3rd in Human Resources, 3rd in Social, and 3rd in Overall Participation.

Executive Team

Paige Small


Adrienne Cenerini


Nick Paulley


Selena Levandoski


Christine Sheppard

VP Charity

Andrew Smith

VP Digital

Andrew Martin

VP Engagement

Munroe Shume

VP External

Colin Drosdoski

VP Finance

Megan Parsons

VP Marketing

Breanne Timlick

VP Operations

Stacey Ormel

VP Operations

Riley Sova

VP Social

Howard Harmatz and Lukas Neville

Faculty Advisors

Academic Competitors

Kevin Collins
Jordan Karlson
Daniel Mortimer

Stacey Ormel
Collin Drosdoski
Abel Nyamori

Andrew Martin
Chris Prendergast
Andrew Smith

Christine Sheppard
Greg McKnight
John Swystun

Sara Castles-Sitas
Jay Patel
Connor Schmidt

Megan Parsons
Mario Fiorentino
Tasia Papadopoulos

Kaitlyn Brown
Riley Sova
Yulianna Zan

Julia Grubert Van Iderstine
Johnathan Reynolds
Audrey Arida

Munroe Shume
Nicole Ganea
Jillian Hambley

Breanne Timlick
Jordan Delury
Mackenzie Collete

Debate Competitors

Celyna Yu
Peirce Dickson
Raffaelle Cianflone
Stephanie Kalo

Athletic Competitors

Back: Liam McNeil
Middle: Chris Wilson, Leon Stetefeld
Front: Rayden Labelle (Captain), Hannah McCutchon, Weston Oryniak, Kiara Gladish, Sam Burrage

Social Competitors

David Dobson
Jaquelyn Townsend
Brooklyn Meyer
Felipe Garcia