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JDC West is the largest student run business competition in Western Canada. This three-day event showcases academic competitions, athletic challenges, a social competition, and a charity initiative. Over 500 students from 12 of Western Canada’s top universities unite annually to compete in this competition that is solely by and for business students. The competition provides students with the opportunity to compete with each other in all facets of business, while developing networking, critical thinking, and leadership skills. Each university sends one team of 46+ representative students to participate respectively in one of 10 Academic Competitions, 1 Parliamentary Debate, 1 Athletic Competition or 1 Social Competition. Points are awarded and accumulated towards a team being declared “School of the Year”.

Team Toba is proud to represent the University of Manitoba’s I.H. Asper School of Business at JDC West. Established in 2005, Team Toba has competed in JDC West since its inaugural year.

At Team Toba, our vision is to build an inclusive and supportive atmosphere focused on personal and team growth with the goal of bringing home the title of school of the year.

We also value learning and growth, fostering lasting friendships, inclusion, teamwork, support, community involvement, and communication.

Gold Partner of Team Toba JDC West

A team is nothing without its members.

Past Successes

2020 1st Place Finance
2020 2nd Place Business Technology
2020 2nd Place International Business
2020 2nd Place Marketing
2020 2nd Place Participation
2020 2nd Place Skit
2020 3rd Place Debate
2020 Faculty Advisor of the Year – Dr. Lukas Neville

2019 2nd Place Business Technology
2019 3rd Place Human Resources
2019 3rd Place Social
2019 3rd Place Participation

2018 1st Place Finance
2018 2nd Place Marketing
2018 3rd Place Sports

2017 2nd Place Business Strategy
2017 2nd Place Business Technology
2017 2nd Place Not for Profit
2017 3rd Place Tax

2016 1st Place Social
2016 1st Place Sports
2016 3rd Place Participation
2016 3rd Place Debate

2015 1st Place School of the Year
2015 1st Place Academic School of the Year
2015 1st Place Marketing
2015 1st Place Social
2015 2nd Place Charity
2015 2nd Place Tax
2015 2nd Place MIS
2015 2nd Place International Business
2015 3rd Place Business Strategy
2015 3rd Place Entrepreneurship
2015 3rd Place Debate
2015 3rd Place Sports

2014 3rd Place Overall School of the Year
2014 1st Place Social
2014 1st Place Business Strategy
2014 2nd Place Sports
2014 2nd Place MIS
2014 2nd Place Tax
2014 3rd Place Finance

2013 2nd Place Overall School of the Year
2013 1st Place Business Strategy
2013 1st Place Entrepreneurship
2013 3rd Place Finance
2013 3rd Place Tax
2013 1st Place Not for Profit
2013 1st Place Debate
2013 3rd Place Social
2013 Faculty Advisor of the Year – Mary Brabston

2012 3rd Place Participation
2012 1st Place Entrepreneurship
2012 3rd Place HR
2012 1st Place Debate
2012 Most Charity Hours Award

2011 2nd Place Participation
2011 3rd Place Finance
2011 2nd Place HR
2011 3rd Place Charity

2010 2nd Place MIS
2010 1st Place Social

2009 3rd Place Accounting
2009 1st Place Tax
2009 1st Place Sports
2009 3rd Place Social

2008 2nd Place Business Strategy
2008 3rd Place Entrepreneurship
2008 2nd Place Tax

2007 2nd Place International Business
2007 2nd Place MIS
2007 1st Place Social